Welcome to Proudwheels

The first social app for petrolheads is there You can download Proudwheels in all app stores. Install your car(s) in your own virtual garage. Post updates and share fun memories with fans whether you own a classic car, tuned car, supercar, track car or an electric car. Even car fans who still dream of a car can visit Proudweels as well. Put together your own virtual dream garage and connect with other petrolheads.

Proudweels is a free app for petrolheads. In addition to your virtual garage, you'll stay updated on the latest news, cool car-facts, famous cars, car clubs, brands, businesses and specialists. Would you rather publish the content yourself? Start your own channel and make sure you create your own fanbase as a content creator.

The big difference with other social media platforms is that with Proudwheels you can separate your own personal @username with the @username of your car. Make sure you don't mix this up. You can have a @username per car that you own.



  • Post updates

    By posten updates about your car or by sharing memories you will get in contact with other petrolheads. Don't forget to tag your own car when posting. 

  • Visit or organise events

    Besides meeting virtually you can also meet in real life. Organise an event of visit an event. Click on "Events" and see all coming events. 

  • Your virtual garage

    Install your car(s) in your own virtual garage and show others your showpiece. Every car has its own page with followers. Post updates or modifications on your car.

  • Get connected

    Get to know other petrolheads and find "Connections". Use the searchbar at "Explore" or check your personal suggestions to make new petrolhead friends.



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