Carspotters wanted!

10 January 2022
Carspotters wanted!

You don't just do car spotting. You are a Carspotter in heart and soul.

Proudwheels is about cars and especially about the stories surrounding them. All this summarized in an app-only community with thousands of enthusiasts. Add to that a virtual garage and events and you have an addictive mix for petrolheads.

That addictive mix consists mainly of content. This is often content that is shot by car spotters. In addition, as car enthusiasts, we are all happy when we are spotted. So we can say that without car spotters, today's car scene looks a lot less fun. We are therefore very happy with you and would like to thank you for this.

So this one is for the spotters

Create a profile on Proudwheels and sign up here for a unique Carspotter Badge. This badge gives you access to extras such as priority at events, but also special events in the future and think of carspot alerts.

There is now a fun giveaway! Click here. You can win a shoot with your dream car! So sign up soon.


Request your Carspotter Badge here